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SEAN WESTCOTT is an IT professional dating back to before the World Wide Web. He was in his high school AV club where he explained technology to his teachers, and ever since he has made it his specialty to bridge the knowledge gap between geeks and the rest of the world. He works as an IT professional in a construction engineering firm.

JEAN RIESCHER WESTCOTT took a History of Computers class back in 1985 and spent a summer studying programming in high school, but has been more of a book geek since she finished her law degree. She spent a long, wonderful time in independent bookselling and now works in book publishing. Jean writes for Woodbridge, VA Patch and Lorton, VA Patch. Sean and Jean have two children and live in Northern Virginia.

Follow them at twitter @DigiDaunted

Jean has also written as the DC Computers Examiner and has been a contributor to Mario Armstrong’s Small Biz Go Mobile blog.

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