Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday & Saturday?


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Does FedEx deliver on Sunday?  Are you also asking the same question? Then you are in the right place to get the answer to this most asked question about FedEx.

FedEx Corporation is one of the largest delivery networks in the United States. The company came into existence in the year 1973 with the name Federal Express. The corporation is popular for its fast overnight shipping service and the exclusive package tracking system.

The tracking system provides real-time updates on the location of your customer.  FedEx was the first company to implement such an inclusive tracking system.

The giant delivery corporation delivers to millions of customers across the United States. It works 365 days a year and round the clock. Customers can avail of the services at any time of day or night.  With such a huge delivery network, it is inevitable for customers to ask the question Does FedEx delivers on Sunday?

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday?

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday

You are not the only one asking this question there are millions of consumer question the company on their Sunday delivery service. The below post will enlighten you about all the questions regarding the Sunday delivery by the corporation.

Reading this article you will get to know how exactly FedEx works on Sunday and what are the different options for getting the delivery on Sunday if available.

So start exploring below to get all the answers regarding delivery on Sunday.

Does FedEx Deliver On Sunday? Find Out Below

The precise answer to the above question is no. No, FedEx does not deliver on Sunday. Now you will ask why that is so. FedEx does not deliver on Sunday because of no demand in the market.

The corporation does not deliver on Sunday for the same reason as other delivery services.  As far as the market scenario goes delivering on Sunday is not the profitable option for this giant corporation.

Sunday is seen as the holiday for all, almost every business stays close on Sunday. A company like FedEx make their profit through servicing business-to-business (B2B). Delivering shipment of business is much more profitable. Such shipment varies in weight and quantity and always look forward to a quick service by the delivery company.

FedEx Service Demand on Sundays

There is hardly any demand from any business on Sunday. Besides this, people using FedEx service on Sunday is not a profitable number for the company.  Residential delivery will not make as much profit to the company, the whole business is about profit and loss and the company does not see any growth in the profit with Sunday’s delivery options.

The company once started the delivery service on Sunday once but the lack of demand made the company cease it. Even if the service is continued on Sundays it would be quite costly for customers, they will have to pay more to meet the lacking demand.

Although, the company is not refusing to start the Sundays delivery option again. But it depends on how much demand will be there in the market for the same. Once the market rises to profitable standards FedEx will definitely start the full-fledged Sundays delivery once again.

Meanwhile, the company is expanding its presence by tying up with local businesses and opening up kiosks at more locations.  This new initiative will allow people to avail of pick and drop service on all days of the week.

Even if FedEx does not deliver on Sunday it does not stop working except delivery you can always access another service like, booking a service or requesting a pickup, and likewise.

Now that you know for sure that FedEx does not deliver on Sunday. Let’s look at some exceptions.

Sunday Delivery Option – Exceptions

FedEx being one of the largest delivery service corporations and the most trusted brand surely makes few exceptions.

As the festive season approaches so does the work of delivery staff. One of the most hectic time is Christmas. FedEx does make some deliveries on the last Sunday before Christmas if the demand is high. This becomes the exception only at the time of Christmas.

Another exception made by the company is the FedEx SameDay service. This SameDay service on Sunday is exclusively available in some locations. SameDay service of FedEx is a premium service meant for utterly urgent situations. In extreme urgency, the company offers the FedEx SameDay.

When a customer gets stuck in such a situation where it is not possible to wait for Monday then he or she can access this SameDay service. This service is the fastest available option among other services of the company. And because it is fast in nature the charges for the service are higher than other delivery options.

FedEx SameDay option is the only option that will definitely deliver your package on the same day.

What Does FedEx Promise in Same Day Service?

True to its name FedEx SameDay service is committed to delivering your package on the same day. Multiple means of transport is used depending on the location, but FedEx staff tries its best to fulfill their promise of the same day. They commit the below points to their customers.

  • Cross- country Delivery on the Same day
  • FedEx SameDay is on move round the clock, 365 days a year. If the package crosses 150 Ibs then FedEx SameDay Freight is used.
  • FedEx SameDay caters to all 50 states of the United
  • FedEx is best in moving delivery in urgency.
  • They are increasing their presence across the United

FedEx cares about your time-sensitive packages and completes the delivery within a matter of hours. Customers can get the packages delivered in the metro markets within 2 hours. FedEx now has its presence in more than 20 metro markets all over the country and delivers to this location even under the Same Day option.

Call 1.800.399.5999 to talk to the customer care executive or visit to get more details about each service offered and to avail them.

Does FedEx Open on Sunday?

FedEx operates on Sunday. It functions day and night and remains open on Sunday, lots of kiosks are open on Sunday, the customer can avail of pick and drop service from these places. These are designed to help customers access all other services except a few on Sunday.

Not every service is available on Sunday. It is better to find out through call or on Company’s official website if the center near you is open. In some places due to lower demand kiosk stays completely closed on Sunday.

Even if FedEx near you work on Sunday, you need to find out the working hours and the services that are available on Sunday.

Read the next section to see how you can find the location of FedEx and their working hours.

FedEx Sunday Working Hours and Location

You will have to get the location and work timings from the official website. It is the only authentic place to get the updated address and official timings.

How to find local FedEx Kiosk and the Working timings?

  • Log in to the official website of FedEx
  • Look for a search engine and navigate to the FedEx Locator page
  • Fill in all the required information, like location, etc.
  • Make your search advance by checking the blanks boxes given on the right-hand side
  • Click enter
  • Now, you have all the information about the nearest FedEx kiosk
  • Click on the relevant result and see all the info
  • If you have any queries call on the given number to find out more

List of Sunday work Timings on Sunday – Primary FedEx centers and Kiosk

  • Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA- work timings on Sunday 10 m. to 8 p.m.
  • Duane St, Alluvial Ave, Clovis, CA- work timings on Sunday 9 m. to 3 p.m.
  • Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA -work timings on Sunday 10 m. to 6 p.m.
  • New York – work timings on Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For more details on nearest centers, check the official website of FedEx and look for the location in the FedEx Locator for the updated result

FedEx Work Timings

Having the information about the right work timing saves a lot of time when you use the service. The right timing helps you make the booking, picking up the package, and access another service at the appropriate time. Different shipping centers have different timings so it is best to find the right working hours.

We have listed down the timings according to to the service offered by FedEx Since all the service are not operational let see the timing in which they are available.

  • FedEx Home Delivery:  Tuesday to Friday between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m and between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday
  • FedEx Ground:  Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • FedEx Express: Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

These services do not include the SameDay service. Fed Ex SameDay is operative on Sunday at some locations. For the precise work time of all centers, it is better to visit the official page or call customer care to find out if SameDay service is available on Sundays

Pick up Service on Sunday

As stated above that even if FedEx does not operate its normal function on Sunday. It does not deny it, customers, few services even on Sunday as well, except delivery service.

This delivery service also has the exception of the Same day service in urgent cases.  So if you have selected SameDay service FedEx will pick up the package from your home which needs to be delivered someday.

In case you are not using this service the pickup from home service is not available on Sunday in any locations. However, you can go to the nearest kiosk to drop the packet. Before going call the center to find out if it is open and until what time do they work?

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Final Verdict

To conclude now you have an answer to Does FedEx deliver on Sunday? No, it does not but under the option of FedEx SameDay service, it does in some locations. It is operative but not in terms of normal delivery options.

This has have been a debatable topic among the consumers who could not find to dispatch the delivery item on any other day of the week. Unlike USPS FedEx does not deliver on Sunday.

There is a difference in both companies working policies and the service they cater to. USPS is more for mailing while FedEx delivers every kind of package across the state and across – the nation

The above information is every detail about the FedEx delivering on Sunday. We have answered all the questions asked by customers regarding delivery on Sunday.

If you feel that the above information on  Does FedEx deliver on Sunday is missing any point kindly share your view in the comment section below.

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