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Driver Power State Failure is a very popular error that occurs in Windows 10. It is a BSOD error mainly known as the Blue Screen of Death this error is related to the drivers of the computer system. Mainly this error occurs because of the incompatibility of the driver for any hardware device.

Mostly, this error is solved by just restarting the PC but, when you are updating your machine to Windows 10, you might get the Driver_Power_Connection_Failure error.

Driver Power State Failure Windows 10

Driver Power State Failure

If you want this issue to be solved then just uninstall all the drivers. When you get this problem restart your pc in safe mode. There are two ways by which you can enter the safe mode. You can choose anyone that’s related to the situation you are in. This BSOD error, Driver Power ­State Failure (also known as 0x0000009F), occurs due to the driver error. Drivers are basically instructions that the device tells the computer that how the computer can interact with them. You need to get an appropriate BIOS update for this.

Windows 10 has many issues and in all the errors this is the most irritating error. As we know that drivers are a very important part of the system as they help the computer to run the hardware or external devices. Even, if you want to use an external keyboard and mouse you will have to install the drivers for them also. But, if you are facing this issue that may be due to outdated or corrupt drivers. Driver_Power_Connection_Failure error in windows 10 can also occur due to the state shifting of electricity, like when you put the PC in sleep mode and after that, you put out the PC from the sleep mode and also when the machine is shut down.

Driver Power State Failure in Windows 10 – Fixing Guide

Updating the drivers is also a very important part so that you won’t face the same problem again you can update the outdated or corrupt drivers on windows 10 through Device manager. The steps are given below, follow those steps and you will be able to update the drivers.

  1. Press Windows + X key Then, you will see a list from that list select Device Manager.
  2. In the device manager window, there will be a complete list of all the hardware that are present in your computer.
  3. Now, expand one category so that you can see the name of the device. Now, Right-click on the device name.

From the options that you will see choose “Update Driver Software”. Through these steps, you will be able to update the drivers that are corrupted and or outdated.

There are some ways provided below so that you can fix the Driver_Power_Connection_Failure.

Solution 1: Fix the error on Safe Mode

First, you need to enter the Safe Mode, and after that follow the given steps to fix the Driver Power State Failure error.

Step 1: Find the Drivers
  • Right Click on the computer and then select
  • After that click on Device Manager and check for the hardware drivers.
Step 2: Uninstall Drivers
  • Right-click on corrupt drivers and select
Step 3: Reinstall Drivers
  • Restart your PC.
  • Go to Settings and then, go to System and Security.
  • After that click on Windows update
  • And then, check for updates if any are available.

Solution 2: Upgrade BIOS

You have to download the latest version of BIOS and you can find the information related to BIOS on your device.

Solution 3: System Restore

This feature can be used to restore your system, through this you can restore the previous version of the windows OS. This function can help us to fix the Driver_Power_Connection_Failure Windows 10. This feature can also help us fix many issues related to this error. Using System Restore the system is rolled back to its normal state. Follow the provided steps to restore your system.

  • Right-click System > Properties.
  • Then, go to System Protection > Choose System Restore.
  • Then click on Next and wait for the system to be restored.

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