Marketing Tips that Won’t Break the Bank


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Marketing Tips that Won’t Break the Bank – Marketing is something that businesses need to take seriously and consider carefully. Bad implementation can lead to a confused brand philosophy and this can be costly in terms of both time and money. A business must market itself well and sell its best image to its audience.

Marketing efforts can be expensive but they don’t always have to be. A selfie campaign can be used effectively and implemented simply, there are also viral adverts and good old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising. The point is that there are loads of options when it comes to marketing and those options don’t have to be costly to implement, or grandiose in their design.

Marketing Tips that Won’t Break the Bank

Marketing Tips that Won’t Break the Bank

Let’s consider some marketing tips then (and potential strategies) that are simple to utilize and won’t cost a great deal of money.

Define Yourself First

Whatever it is that you’re trying to sell, it’s worth defining and figuring out what it is that makes your business unique. It’s also a good idea to be completely honest with yourself about what your business can do. If you run a small business don’t market or advertise in the same way that a big business does. You simply don’t have the money to compete on the same level.

Work out who you are and how you want to come across. This will greatly help when it comes to devising a marketing strategy and implementing it successfully. Design your advertising to increase sales. One quick and simple way of doing this is by offering a time-sensitive offer. Make customers feel rushed and offer them a deal that they can’t turn down – then do it all again a little way down the line.

Cheaper and Premium Options

Not all customers want the highest-end technology available so to attract them it’s worth offering a cheaper, or more stripped-down version of your products. Market them as such (Apple has done well with the 5C) and you’ll find a whole other audience for your products.

Just like some customers desire to pay for cheaper versions of products, so do some like to pay more. Design a premium version of your products to target that audience. Effectively it’s a good idea to offer a range of services that vary in price structure to encompass as many potential buyers as possible.

Consider Your Adverts

Adverts are mostly stale and dull but there are some that stand out in our collective memories. The Cadbury’s Gorilla advert was a strange mismatch of Phil Collins and the chocolate brand but it was very successful. Perhaps most tellingly it came out in 2007 but can still be recalled by those who saw it.

This type of long lasting legacy is exactly what a business should strive to achieve. Of course, there are very few (if any) small businesses that have the kind of money that Cadbury does. But the chocolate company didn’t need to spend an obscene amount of money on this advert – they just gave it a unique tone and memorable imagery.

That’s the point really. Give your audience something that it can remember and something that visually links to your brand. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but it does have to add something to the conversation. Don’t play it safe – be bold and you’ll be rewarded.

Remember that there are loads of Ways to Reach your customers:

  • Direct mail
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media sharing
  • Word of mouth advertising
  • Online options

Pick the one that suits your customer base well, but not only pre-existing customers. Target the type of audience that you’d like to have. Make sure that you keep your advertising efforts short, succinct, and simple – if your message isn’t crystal clear your audience won’t understand your brand identity and message.

Set Up Joint Marketing Ventures with Like Minded Businesses

The chances are you’re not the only business in your niche. Those other businesses that are similar to yours are likely attempting some marketing efforts that could benefit you. Work with them (instead of against them) and consider offering a combined deal that benefits both your business and theirs.

Perhaps you should offer to share via social media channels another business’ work. This can increase its exposure and in turn, it can increase yours. It can add to your preexisting audience and saturate your business further in a relevant niche.

Remember your Existing Customers

Often marketing efforts can be targeted at new customers, perhaps even those who have never purchased your products or interacted with your business before. This is all well and good but it should be part of your marketing strategy. Businesses would do well to remember their existing customers as they are a ready-made audience that already has an understanding of the brand and what it does.

Reconnecting with customers can be a good place to start. Offer an incentive for them to review your products or trying out new ones and you’ll find much better audience retention rates. Increase your brand loyalty too and offer customer based incentives for those who have purchased your products and services in the past.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a hugely costly venture. Instead, it can be relatively simple and if implemented well, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

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Conclusion of Marketing Tips that Won’t Break the Bank:

So now you have some working strategies and Marketing Tips that Won’t Break the Bank but at the same time, your business will grow as well. If you still have any queries or feedback then you can drop your queries in the comment section below.

Please share this marketing strategy with others, so they can also grow with you. 🙂

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