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Are you searching simple procedure to download NMD VPN?

My friend, Digitally Daunted is here for the rescue. As NMD VPN is one of the advantageous software and there are many users in this whole world who are looking for it. Guys! In this article, we have provided you simple procedure on How to download NMD VPN?

We have provided simple tricks with the help of which you can easily download NMD VPN. However, there are various results you can find on google for this NMD VPN download but a maximum of them are fake and just utilize your precious time.

NMD VPN – What is it?


Today we are going to share with you a complete tutorial on how to install NMD VPN on your computer or PC, or Laptop, and hence you can use it for the free internet.

Read the full article in order to get proper information regarding NMD and all the essential details regarding it.

NMD VPN is an open VPN client which is mostly used to access free internet on your computer, laptop, or pc. However, there are various other specifications and advantages of the VPN but most widely it is used to get free internet access.

Specifications of NMD VPN Software

  • NMD is available for free and anyone can download it and use it for free internet tricks.
  • NMD basically supports all TCP and UDP ports which makes it more advantageous.
  • NMD also supports all HTTP and HTTPS websites.
  • NMD is considered to be one of the best software available on the internet to use free internet.

Features of NMD Software

  • NMDVPN doesn’t deliver any speed capping issues.
  • NMDVPN is available fully unlimited.
  • NMDVPN doesn’t offer password change problems.
  • NMDVPN supports speed which is up to 100 Mbps
  • NMPVPN is one of the simplest software and easy to download, install and use.
  • NMDVPN does not offer any login problems or issues.
  • NMDVPN is free to use.

How to Use NMDVPN – Open VPN & Download Latest NMDVPN 

  • Windows XP Users – Can Directly Install.
  • Windows 7 & 8 Users – Has to Install as Administrator.
  • Windows 7 & 8 (64 Bit) – C:\Program Files (x86)\NMDVPN\config
  • Windows XP, 7 & 8 (32 Bit) – C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config

How to use NMD VPN Software for PC?

  • Firstly all you have to do is to connect your data card or modem or mobile with the respective settings. APN of the specified network.
  • Next, run the NMD software Also, (Remember: Always run VPN as an Administrator, otherwise you will be greeted with an error while connecting).
  • Next, search for the NMD icon which will be available on your taskbar right menu.
  • Next, make a right-click on that NMD Menu and then select VPN server also, you can connect it with a simple left-click.
  • Remember, before starting with these steps, it is required for you to put your config file in the NMD config folder.
  • Also, I have mentioned the path of the config folder above. Hence you can visit there and put the config files in it.
  • Now check if your config is working properly, then later in a few seconds you will be connected to it.

Notifications: NMD VPN Colors

  • RED: NMD is disconnected.
  • Yellow: In the process of connecting.
  • Green: NMD is connected.

How to Download NMD for PC?

In order to successfully download the NMD VPN for your computer then, you need to follow the simple instruction provided below.

  1. Firstly you need to download NMD for PC and this can be easily done with the help of the link provided here.
  2. Next, extract it by utilizing a zip extractor such as WinRar.
  3. Next what you have to do is, install the software directly if you are on Windows XP.
  4. For all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, you just need to right-click on the software and then tap on “Run As Administrator”.
  5. Next, accept all the terms and conditions which is provided by the software, and hence you can successfully install NMD.

How to Use NMD VPN for Free Internet on PC?

In order to use NMD for free internet on your computer or PC, you need to follow the simple steps which are mentioned below. Remember to follow the instructions carefully in order to successfully get access to the free internet.

  1. Firstly connect your modem or data card or mobile with the internet setting of your internet service provider (APN of Network).
  2. Next, NMD Download software on your system.
  3. Now search for the NMD icon present in your taskbar over the right menu.
  4. Next, make a right-click on it and then choose VPN Server, and hence connect it by just making a left click over there.

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Final Words:

We have provided a totally successful procedure of the NMD Download Process. The article is equipped with all the essential information of NMD and one can easily install it on your PC. Furthermore in any case you feel stuck somewhere during the process of NMD Download then feel free and hit the comment section below with all of your queries, we will get back to you with an appropriate answer asap.

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