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Using the Window for your daily work, many times you might have come across various factors that affects you with the error and obstruct your work to proceed which in fact is very annoying. Among one of those errors is of Ntoskrnl.Exe Driver.

Ntoskrnl.Exe Driver


The reason why you are reading this article also implies that you have faced this same issue recently or earlier and you want to know how you can fix it step by step and efficiently.

Hence, as soon as you will proceed to read this article about the Ntoskrnl.Exe Driver fix, you will come to know what the causes of this problem are and once you know the cause, you yourself can get it fixed. But don’t worry we are also going to assist you to overcome this situation step by step.

The Problem of Ntoskrnl.Exe Error

This error comes with the appearance of the Blue screen and the computer restarts. This can in as below:

Cause of the Error

Even though there can be various reasons behind this error to appear but here are some mentioned you below that are common problems to be resolved:

  1. Damaged hard drive.
  2. Keyboard problems.
  3. Corrupt device drivers.
  4. Damaged system files.

Solution for Ntoskrnl.Exe Error

Now as you have seen what are the probable issue that comes in your way and cause the error? Here is the panacea for it below. Choose the one that suits best your error.

Use Window Update to Fix Ntoskrnl.exe Error

The error of ntoskrnl.exe is raised sometimes due to the older version of the window you are using the best way to come out of this is to simply run an update with the system. Let’s see how can you do that:

In the first step, press the window key then type windows update in the search bar, and then choose the option of Window Update.

Then click on the check for updates and then Install Updates to apply the updates.

Update Device Drivers to fix Ntoskrnl.exe Error

Similar to the windows updates, the driver also needs updates and for this, you can update from your computer manufacturer’s website or simply can use a driver update utility such as Driver Doc, download and then install it. Additionally, you can use the Windows Device Manager to update device drivers one by one.

First of all press the Window Key then type Device Manager > click Device manager

Then click on the arrow and it expands to show you a category and show you the device in it.

Now right-click on each device and then choose the option of Update Driver software and this starts updating process. The window now looks for an updated version of the driver online.

Downloading drivers from your computer manufacturer’s website is very fast. The fastest way is to use a driver utility like DriverDoc. Drivers can be updated in any of these ways but the manufacturer’s website and DriverDoc will give you the most recent device drivers.

Keyword Problem also causes Ntoskrnl.exe Problem

Sometimes the problem is due to the loose fix of the keyboard’s wire. Hence change the keyboard and analyze whether the same fixes by this method.

Last Known Configuration

You can load the last known good configuration by restarting the computer and pressing the F8 key when it is turned on. You should see a black screen with some options on it. One of those options should be the last known good configuration option. This will only work for Windows 7 and lower versions of Windows.

Damage of Hard Drive

A damaged hard drive can also cause this problem. If you notice clicking on sounds coming from the hard drive after a freeze or a crash, you may have a broken hard drive on your hands. Try to back up the data and replace the hard drive as soon as possible.

Damaging Of RAM Memory

The same error also results due to poor RAM with Memtest and hence see if the RAM or Memory causes the problem. If this is the cause of the problem, then you can change or replace it. And if the computer yet fails the Memtest then get it examined.

Registry and Other Error with Win Thruster

Scan your computer with WinThruster and fix registry errors. Many of these errors can be fixed by registry scans. This software also removes malware and makes the computer smooth. Create a system restore point before installing too many device drivers and scanning the registry.

Fix Damage System Files

This command you can use for the corrupt system files and replace the same. Let’s see how you can proceed with this:

  • In windows 8, first, use the window Key + X then click on the command prompt (ADMIN)
  • In Window 7 and other older versions of the Window, simply press the Window Key and then type cmd then right-click and choose Run as Administrator
  • Now in Command prompt window, type sfc/scannow and finally press Enter.

You Must Check These:

  • Waze For PC
  • Autopico.exe
  • Confirm Form Resubmission

Final Words

Hopefully, the article above has served your problem that is related to Ntoskrnl.Exe Driver and Ntoskrnl.Exe error issue. By reading the article above you might have understood the various causes of the error and that too needs simple things to be resolved.

The illustration might have further helped you clarify that relates statement there and that you have come across solving it by yourself without much struggle.

So, make use of the information and the guide to get your Ntoskrnl.Exe Driver error fixed and share your experience with your fellow reader in the comment section below.

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