SMART Hard Disk Error – Steps to Fix it


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A very important piece of information I am going to present to you is an article to fix SMART hard Disk Error. If you encounter with such type of error, it is possibility that your hard disk is going to damaged.

As you ever noticed while starting the computer that it is booting. In the process of booting operating system runs for hardware check. SMART hard Disk is for making it sure that every peripherals or component of hardware is functioning or not.

SMART hard Disk Error – How to Fix it?

SMART Hard Disk Error

At the time of booting if you will get any problem or fault, at this time SMART Hard Disk Error is get notified. Just take an example of laptop batteries which is damaged. Here you will get the error Primary Battery Test Failed.

As the same manner if you get SMART Hard Disk Error, it means that there may be some fault in your Hard Disk.

Yes you can find no problem in doing your regular work but it is very important for functioning the system fast.

HP support is taking important steps to have a supporting page for SMART Hard Disk Error. You have to note an important information. When you will get the error massage, HP Support displays that the SMART Hard Disk test is predicting that there might be failure of hard drive. But it is not necessary to be actually true.

You can encounter with such error due to different reasons. Some of reasons I am going to provide you in steps manner.

  1. Sometimes unintentionally your computer has been jolted.
  2. If your hard disk is exposed to more than the upper limit temperature of hard disk.

Solutions for the SMART Hard Disk Error

First Solution – SMART Hard Disk Error

It is recommended by HP Support that you need to follow below steps if you are getting the message of SMART Hard Disk Error. Here HP stands for Hewlett Packard.

  1. You need to create a backup for your crucial data and files if you have encountered with the error massage. You need to be ready for all the unfavourable scenario. In case you have failed the disk.
  2. You need to access the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics area which is very useful to have Hard Drive Test. Hard Drive Test is responsible to check the health of the hard disk.

Second Solution – SMART Hard Disk

If you want to avoid the consequences of failure due to SMART Hard Disk Error of one hard disk, you need to install another or external hard drive. This is because if you have lost every important data, you need to store it on another hard disk. So have external Hard Drive as a Backup.

Third Solution – SMART Hard Disk Error

we got an information from a video game lover that while playing video game on his laptop he encountered with a black warning screen.

Here SMART Hard DISK check has got an important failure which is named with SMART Hard Disk Error. You need to ensure now whether you have a data loss or not, if not then go immediately and backup the data then run Hard Disk Test in system diagnostics.

When the test runs you need to follow the instructions, error massage will be displayed which I am providing you below.

No Hard drive is installed. Please check that the Power and Data Cables are connected properly.

One of the top responders responded that user is encountered with hard drive failure and suggested the following things to do.

Boot the window and back up your all important data in separate drive. And also said that you are not going to do that if your hard drive is dead.

Yes it is not useful in to fix the hard drive but it will help you to save your data before you are going to take the extreme steps like replacing the hard drive.

Fourth Solution – SMART Hard Disk

One of our reliable sources of information suggests that if you are getting SMART Hard Disk Error it means your disk drive had performed at its best. He is a You Tuber. Now most of you are wondering that why I am saying him a reliable source. Actually he works for helping people to retrieve your data from dead hard drive. He uses the Startup menu and access the booting option in order to retrieve the data.

Reasons for the SMART Hard Disk Error

As the passage of time there is some toll in electronics items. These tolls are inevitable. Hard disk shares no different story. There are some common reasons that are the causes of degrading the age of hard disk and provide strength to SMART Hard Disk Error.

  1. As you are doing work on a hard disk for so long time still you are expecting more from it, it is not possible. Because as the time passes age of the drive will be downgraded. You can’t expect the same performance that you have experienced at the initial period.
  2. Sometimes you have mistakenly drop the hard disk or you have pour the water accidently and didn’t take action at once, you are going to face the error in very near future.
  3. If your computer encounter with such virus or malware which is having potential to damage or corrupt the partition tables of the drive, you are more vulnerable toward the error.
  4. Sometimes you are having too much data in your hard disk. Your hard disk may get crashed due to heavy data storage. So inadequate storage space can lead you to the SMART Hard Disk Error.
  5. Fragmentation may be the cause to lead the error. You may wonder how? Fragmentation is a process or state in which the hard disk is broken into small memory or fragments. You know that if you are fragmenting Hard Disk Drive heavily, it tends to lead you for making more efforts in your reading and writing.
  6. Sometimes there is a kind of situation where you are an aware of that your hard disk is not set up properly at its place. As you do any writing and reading process, cables get disconnected randomly. This is very dangerous for storage device that we know as Hard Drive.

Final Verdict:

This article consists every piece of important information regarding SMART Hard Disk Error in very easy way that is hard to find. To avoid or to recognize this error the above mentioned article is quite useful for you. Now You have an idea to avoid this error smartly with the help of our step by step but detailed article.

If you still have any query related to this error in Hard Disk then you can drop your queries in the comment section below and Digitally Daunted Experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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