System Thread Exception Not Handled – Step by Step Process to Resolve


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Are you a window user and especially the one who goes deep into it apart from mere surfing random? Then some way or the other you might have come across the problem of System Thread error. So if you are someone who wants to know how Windows errors cause and how you can fix it with your hands without taking help from any geek. If you found an error known as System Thread Exception Not Handled then this article is brought to you regarding the same so that you can easily resolve this issue.

System Thread Exception Not Handled

System Thread Exception Not Handled

So, read the article below till the end which gives you a complete step-by-step process of the “System Thread Exception Not Handled” solution, and the same you can get resolved easily after knowing it below.

The Problem

System Thread Exception Not Handled or STOP 0X1000007E appearing on the screen and also the computer restarts to prevent the damage to the hardware then here is what it looks like:

Causes of System Thread Exception Not Handled

System Thread Exception Not Handled can be the result of outdated drivers. Hence you need to update your driver (“A Driver is a software that helps your computer’s hardware communicate with Windows”).

Solution for it:

As there can be various ways out for a problem to solve, likewise here also you are going to find different ways that help you with your “System Thread Exception Not Handled” Problem. Hence try out any of these methods and check out what step solves your problem the best.

  • Start the computer in safe mode
  • Update your outdated Driver
  • Manually update all your Drivers
  • Run a Hardware Diagnostic Check for Memory

Follow The Fixing Methods Below:

  • Start the computer in Safe Mode

This is a simple but effective method and this safe mode loads the minimum drivers that allow the computer to load the window even though there are several software and driver issues.

  • Update your outdated Driver

This and most blue screen errors are caused by outdated or corrupted drivers. Update all device drivers to fix the blue screen. You can update drivers using the driver method or by using a driver utility like DriverDoc. Using DriverDoc makes it easier for you to work and takes less time.

It scans the computer for connected hardware and compares existing drivers to the latest versions available online. Then it offers you to update these drivers. It can download all of you without visiting any website and it also helps you to install the drivers.

  • Manually update all your Drivers

To do this manually requires that you note down the make and model of your computer. Go to your computer manufacturer’s website and find your computer model. If you are not sure about the exact model of the computer, look for a sticker somewhere on the computer.

You can get the model name or any other code e.g. a service tag or product code. There should be a place to find this code on your computer manufacturer’s website. This will help you find the right driver on the website.

Download the drivers and install them one by one as indicated. You should make sure to update the BIOS driver, there is no need to update it every time you reinstall Windows

  • Run a Hardware Diagnostic Check for Memory

This diagnostic test can be launched from within the window and below is the process of how you can use it. Follow the steps:

  • First of all, open the Run command by pressing the Window Key + R button.
  • Next, type mdsched.exe and then press the enter button.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions in order to complete the scan.
  • And if you are not able to run the window then simply perform a Memory diagnostic test from the computer BIOS.

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Final words

Once you have read the above article related to System Thread Exception Not Handled then simply what you need to do is that follow the step-by-step procedure that you are being mentioned above that helps you sort out the issue.

You are given around 4 main process that helps you some way or the other to sort out your issue. And if you have found the article helpful for you and serving your purpose then simply you can drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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