USPS Redelivery 2021 – How to Schedule a Redelivery Request?


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USPS Redelivery 2021 – USPS is the self-governing delivery service organization of the United States. It holds the biggest share in the Delivery service sector of the state. In this article, we will read about how you can schedule the redelivery procedure of USPS.

Sometimes due to various reasons, you are not able to receive the package that is meant for. USPS has a strict policy of not giving the mail item to anybody except for the person to whom it is addressed.

But you don’t need to worry about this problem if you have missed the package you can follow the precise procedure for USPS package redelivery.

USPS schedule redelivery when requested by the customer. In the below post you will read about how you can request the redelivery USPS, who can request the redelivery, who can accept the delivery, and how you can cancel it or modify the redelivery request and likewise.

USPS Redelivery 2021 – How to Schedule a Redelivery Request?

USPS Redeliver

At the end of this article, you will know everything that is required to be known about missed USPS delivery or USPS schedule redelivery.

We will also answer the question asked by the customer like:

  • How long will the post office hold my email before returning it to the sender?
  • Hold for Pickup at USPS
  • USPS says delivered but no package received
  • Can I pick up email from the post office before it is delivered to my address?

All of the above will be answered in detail to make the procedure easy for the USPS customer.

So start reading to find the relevant information about postal service redelivery.

What is USPS Redelivery service?

It is important to understand that what the USPS redelivery is and when is it required by the customer. When a customer is not able to receive the package and when they missed the mail item meant for them, they can always request for redelivery for the second time.

USPS facilities the service called USPS redelivery process. This process helps the customer to schedule redelivery. Using this service will notify the office that you need your package back and it will send to you again.

To know what is the process and how you can avail it read below.

How can I Schedule a USPS Redelivery?

You can schedule a USPS redelivery by following few simple steps. If you have missed the mail item the first time you are required to fill the form to request it again. You can get the form from the official website of USPS. You can click on the given link to get the form-

There might be chances that the mailman has left the form called PS form 3849 in your mailbox. It is a slip of peach color that you need to fill and send back to the USPS office to get the redelivery.

When will you receive the PS form 3849 form?

  • The mail item is too big to fit in your mail item and you are not on the location to receive that package. Or your mailbox is full of other items and the mail person can’t fit it in there.
  • There is a specific fess that needs to pay in order to receive the mail item delivered to you
  • The mail item requires the signature or some other document to be released.
  • The delivery package cannot be left at another place except with the person it is addressed to.

Any of the above reasons is enough for USPS mailing staff to leave a peach-colored slip in your mailbox instead of the mail item. Then you will have to start the Redelivery procedure by filling out the given form.

Filling in the PS form 3849 will make sure that the package is redelivered to you as soon as possible. To receive the mail item on the same day there is a time limit to complete the procedure.

You will have to raise the request for redelivery and will have to make sure to submit the form at the nearest USPS office by 2 AM CST on working days that is from Monday to Saturday, you can’t submit the redelivery request on Sunday.

Sometimes you might face circumstances when redelivery is not meant for your postal code or ZIP code in such case you will have to check out for the nearest available postal code and get the required pickup information. You will have to go to the nearest post office to pick up your package.

So if you have faced the same situation know the right process by reading the below information and following the right process to get your to package as soon as possible.

USPS Redelivery Process Form

USPS Redelivery Process Form is titled PS form 3849.  You can use this form to raise the request to redeliver the mail item back to you. You can download the form from the official website or you can simply fill it online from the link below.

The form will ask you a number of questions regarding the package that is missed by you. It will ask you to fill in the article number. The article number is the number is written on the slip that is left behind by your mail person in the mailbox. This article number is important for locating the location and the item that needs to be delivered.

It also asks you the date on which was delivered first by the mailing staff or the delivery official. The date is also written on the same slip that is left behind.

You can also write additional instructions and the info on the form if you have any specific directions to give.

How to know your Redelivery Service Areas

There are many areas from where you can request the redelivery but there are many areas where USPS will not entertain your request. So go to the official website and look out for the list of the area with ZIP codes to know the exact status before you follow the procedure.

Check the availability by clicking on the same name button and you will get detailed information about mail redelivery.  USPS redelivery does not charge anything extra for giving this information.

How can I Schedule a USPS Redelivery?

There is 3 type of option for scheduling the USPS redelivery at your doorstep and as soon as possible.  So let look at all three methods one by one.

Option 1 – Online Method

The online method can be used to login into Using the official website of the USPS for scheduling the redelivery of the package. Click on the official website and you can find the 2 options that are the redelivery tool and the USPS tracking tool. Both of these tools are given on the website to help the customer.

These links will take you to the webpage where you can fill the form for the redelivery schedule. Fill out the form using the details left behind by the mailman in your mailbox. PS form 3849 will have your delivery notice, article number, tracking article, and likewise.

Filling the form with the given details will easily schedule the redelivery for you as soon as possible by the nearest USPS office.

Redelivery tool on USPS website 

The homepage of USPS has the redelivery tool located very clearly on the webpage. Click on the given link and enter all the required fields. Provide all information correctly and schedule a redelivery. But before using this service make sure that the redelivery schedule is available in the area.

USPS tracking tool on USPS website

On the webpage of the USPS  find the link for USPS tracking tool, enter your tracking number and know if your mail item falls into the category of redelivery. If yes then go on the redelivery tool and follow the above-given process.  Enter all the details and you will get the confirmation regarding when the mail item will be redelivered to you in your area. Save the confirmation number for further reference.

Option 2- Post office method through from PS 3849

If you cannot access the online format then you have this simple option of getting the mail back. The PS 3849 form will be left in your mailbox, you need to fill in the form and leave it there. Your transported will submit the form and will schedule redelivery at the appropriate time and date.

Option 3 – Phone Method

If the above of the 2 options are not very helpful you can simply schedule redelivery on the phone.  What you need to do for on phone USPS package redelivery let find out below.

  1. Call on – 1-800-275-8777 or sent a text message to 1-800-ASK-USPS
  2. In both cases, you will need your tracking number and article number
  3. If it does not work or you do not have the required information then you can ask for the information about the nearest USPS pick up center or post office.
  4. After that, you can visit the nearest post office and can pick up your package by showing the valid ID proof.
  5. On-call customer care service is available 24 hours but make sure that you know the timings of the post office.

See the below working hours so that you can pick up your mail item during the working hours.

  • Timings from Monday – Friday are 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Timings on Saturday are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Sundays and other public holidays: office remains Closed

How can I cancel or modify my Redelivery Request

At times you might need to cancel or make some modifications to your redelivery request for doing that you need to follow few steps.

When you place the redelivery request you will get the confirmation number to save it as you will need to make the modification request.

Steps to cancel or modify Redelivery Request

  1. Open the confirmation email and look for the link which says- Edit an existing redelivery request
  2. Or else you can directly click on the Redelivery Service  and click on the option – Edit an existing redelivery request
  3. Next, you will be able to see the number of reminders. Click on them to make the required changes.
  4. If you find this too complicated and hard to do they look for help in the option Changing/Cancelling a Redelivery Order here you will get the full detail on how you can cancel and modify the request.
  5. In case you are a registered member of USPS then just log in to your account and look for the history of your activity.
  6. Search for the redelivery form, click on the link- View Details.
  7. Follow the instruction and you will be able to make the desired changes.

If you are not able to get through the process try to cancel your Redelivery request over the call.

Step to Cancel or Modify Redelivery Request on call

  1. Call on – 1-800-275-8777 to get help to cancel or modify Redelivery Request.
  2. Give your article or tracking number.
  3. Give instruction for what you need and customer care will help you through the process.
  4. You can also go in person to collect the mail item and in that case, the post office will cancel the redelivery request.

Who Is Authorized To Schedule or Accept My Redelivery

When you talk about the authorization of the person who can Schedule or accept your Redelivery, you will find 2 types of redelivery options available.

We have discussed both methods in detail.

  • Option 1- Residential Redelivery Authorization

In this option, any reliable family member can do the same for you. The agent who is the receiver can also. But for the agent, a form filled by you will be important. As a receiver, you will have to fill the PS Form 3801. This will authorize other family members or agents to request redelivery.

PS Form 3801 filled by you will make it easy for the authorized person to pick up your delivery from the nearest location by showing the valid ID proof.

  • Option 2- Business Redelivery Authorization

If your delivery address is of any firm or business then any employee can request scheduled redelivery. For requesting the redelivery they should have valid photo ID proof. A mail package will only be dropped back to the original address given on the mail packet. The person who requested the redelivery schedule on your behalf should have the insurance of $500.

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Final verdict

This post has suggested every possible option available for the USPS schedule redelivery or package redelivery. Following the above option, you will never regret losing a mail item.

If you need any further assistance on the same topic the write to us in the below comment section or call on USPS helpline – 1-800-275-8777.

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