How to Use Google Scripts and Perform Web Scraping Reddit?


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This guide offers mining of Reddit Data and how to perform Web Scraping Reddit with Google Scripts. So read the full article so that you can know the process of fetching the list of all the posts on different subreddits and copy the resultant data on a Google Spreadsheet.

With Reddit, you can scrap your web content following the rules of the Reddit servers. According to the rule, you cannot make more than one request every two seconds. A developer account or the API key is not required to perform the web scraping on Reddit.

Web Scraping Reddit

Web Scraping Reddit

You can use the tools like wget, Site Sucker (works on Mac as well), and HTTrack Website Copier (works only on Windows) by which you can download the whole website or use it when you are offline.

But these things are useless when you have to scrap the Reddit data as this does not make is of page numbers and also the content of the website is constantly changing. The sequence may be altered, and the posts that show on the 1st page of Reddit make have their content on another page of the website.

If you are not a tech person then using the PHP and Python libraries can be complicated for you. In this case, the Google Apps Script will help you with it. Follow the steps below to extract the data from the Subreddit to Reddit automatically.

  • Open the Google Sheet and make a file selection.
  • Also copy all the sheet content in Google Drive.
  • Now you have to go to the tools and then go to script editor.
  • Copy and Paste the file on the Reddit Scraper Script.
  • You can change the name to any other name afterward.
  • In the Script Editor select Run and make an authorization to the script.

Now the process is completed and the process will run automatically and will extract the contents from Reddit on the Google Sheet. Once all the posts on Reddit are fetched then the process will stop automatically.

Note that all the Subreddits on Reddit can only show a maximum of 1000 posts. Manually browsing a script also won’t do the thing.

Helpful Video for Reddit Scrapping:

YouTube video

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