Wireless Mouse Freezes Frequently in Windows 10 PC and Laptop – Fix It


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Wireless mouse Freezes frequently used by people when you want to access the PC or the laptop device from too far away from you. Nowadays the wireless mouse is in trend so that you can do the functions in a similar way as you used to do it in a wired mouse.

Wireless Mouse Freezes in Windows 10

Wireless Mouse Freezes

This guide is for those users who have a wireless mouse that is connected to the computer with the help of the USB dongle which is wirelessly connected to the wireless mouse.

Sometimes it also happens that your wireless mouse freezes in between your work. In this case, this guide will assist you with the solution to this problem.

When Your Wireless Mouse Suddenly Freezes

It happens suddenly in between your work that you are doing your job on the computer and your mouse freezes in between the work. The applications and the widow and the keyboard are running in a smooth manner but your wireless mouse is not working. In this case, try to plug the mouse receiver in another slot of the USB and then try it again.

If then also the problem is not solved then there could be many reasons for why your wireless mouse not working windows 10.

  • The battery could be discharged from the mouse.
  • There could be some hindrance between the mouse and the receiver so the connection could be lost.
  • There could be another device that is placed between the mouse and the receiver which could cause the obstruction.

If the above reasons are true for your device then here are some of the fixes to your problem.

Troubleshoot a Wireless Mouse Which is Reported as Not Functioning

Here are some of the symptoms of a wireless mouse that is not functioning:

  • The pointer moves in a random way.
  • The pointer does not respond to the movement of the mouse.
  • The mouse does not respond to click.
  • Wireless mouse lag windows 7.
  • The pointing device stops after some time.
  • The pointing device is not connected even after running the Add New Hardware Wizard.

The Solution to the Above Problems

Here are some of the methods that you can try to resolve the issue regarding the USB devices and wireless mouse.

Method 1: Insert the receiver into a different port

Try to connect the wireless mouse receiver to a different port. Sometimes it may happen that the port is faulty of the device. In this case, you can plug the wireless receiver into a different slot available on the device in case your hp wireless mouse not working.

If you are using the PC then you can plug the receiver at the back panel of the computer. The ports at the back of the computer have more power and bandwidth.

Sometimes it may happen that there is some kind of hindrance between the wireless receiver and the mouse. Elements such as desktop fans, monitors, etc. post an obstruction to the connection. Try to remove those stoppages and then again try the method.

Method 2: Replace the Batteries

Whenever the power is low then there could be a problem with the batteries. So you need to replace the worn out batteries with a new ones. Make sure that you have inserted the correct type of batteries into the wireless device and are positioned in the correct way.

It is recommended to use the new pair of batteries for the same. After the battery has been replaced you have to re-sync the mouse.

Method 3: Test the device on a different PC

If you have problems with the same PC then you try the device on a different computer. In case the device is not working on another PC then it may happen that the device is faulty or there is some problem with the device if your wireless mouse freezes intermittently.

Method 4: Test the mouse by using the Mouseinfo Diagnostic Tool

The software comes with a mouse. In case you do not have the software then you can download the IntelliPoint software by visiting the official Microsoft website.

To open the tool you have to go to Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Run.

In the run window, you have to type the following command – mouseinfo.

If there is a problem with the tool then you can re-install the tool on the computer and then use the tool again.

So these were some of the methods by which you can resolve the unresponsive wireless mouse. You can try more ways as described below.

There Could be a Bluetooth Failure in the Device

Try the following things before proceeding.

  • Check the PC and the product info.
  • Check the Bluetooth device whether the connection could be established in other devices or not.
  • Run the Troubleshooter.
  • Check whether the latest driver is installed on the PC or not.

The following symptoms could be found in case the Bluetooth is not working.

  • The Bluetooth icon could not be enabled or disabled.
  • The Bluetooth icon in the taskbar is missing.
  • If you upgrade your windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or 8.1 then there is a possibility that the Bluetooth won’t work.
  • There are no Bluetooth drivers or devices listed on the Device Manager.

If the above symptoms are shown then try the below methods.

  • Run the Windows Bluetooth troubleshooter.
  • Re-install the Bluetooth adapter using the device manager.
  • File a bug in the Feedback hub.

If you are sure that the Bluetooth is working fine then you can try the below method:

  • Replace the battery or re-insert the battery.
  • If the cursor is freeze open the Run window and type the “devmgmt.msc”. IT will open the device manager.
  • In the Mice and other pointing devices, you have to uninstall the program and then scan for the hardware changes.
  • Re-install the pointing devices.

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So far we have discussed all the steps which are required in order to prove the solution if your wireless mouse freezes frequently. We have described all the steps which should bring your mouse back to life and make it work. In case you want to know more about the tricks like these then you can contact us in the comments section below. Post your queries there and our team will reach out to your query soon. If you want to give your comments or suggestions then provide them in the comments section. Your comments are a valuable resource for us.

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