How to Search YouTube Like a Pro Using YouTube Advanced Search?


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After Google, people search most of their queries on YouTube only. Although the search queries of YouTube are also searched on Google and YouTube is the subsidiary of Google, they both work hand in hand. There are many operators which are based on Google which will give you exact search results when you search for the particular content. But, using the YouTube Advanced Search process will give you more accurate results.

Search YouTube Like a Pro Using YouTube Advanced Search

YouTube Advanced Search

But what if I told you that in YouTube also you will get some of the same search commands by which you can search exactly of query on YouTube. This guide focus on the advanced search techniques of YouTube like “longest video on youtube” so that you may get more exact search results on your videos.

So let us see what are those YouTube Advanced Search will get you through the exact search results.

YouTube Advanced Search Operators

  • In order to find a specific channel on the YouTube channel that will give you exact channels follow the below description. For e.g. you want to find a channel related to cute animals, so put the keyword in the search bar followed by “channel” both separated by a comma operator. E.g. Cute Animals, Channel
  • When you want to view live videos on YouTube that are being broadcasted, or to watch some of the live streams that are happening on YouTube like gaming, cooking sessions, sports events, business events, launches, competition, company launch, formal and informal events, etc. just put the event keyword and then put “live” both separated by a comma. E.g. event, live
  • When you only want to see the videos which are recently uploaded, in a particular span of time like in a day, month, week, or a year. Follow the keyword with “this week”. E.g. keyword, this week.
  • If you want to search for only the official videos of any star, and not view the videos made by the fan, you have to add the word partner to your search query. E.g. if you want to search for a song then follow this syntax: Song Name, partner.
  • YouTube also hosts some free movies for its viewers. There are many content creators who post the best movies for free. You can also find full-length movies on YouTube. TO get the right movie to follow this syntax: Movie Name, movie.
  • If you want to get the 4K or only the HD videos on YouTube then there is an operator for this also. You just have to search the keyword HD to your search and YouTube will filter out the rest of the part. The videos that are in 1080p (1920 x 1080 p) or 720 p will be displayed to you. Or you can also add a 4K to limit to search only for the 4K content. Follow this syntax to get it: movie or clip name, HD.
  • When you want to find only the 3D videos on YouTube. This happens when you have got a pair of 3D glasses and you will now enjoy the 3D movie. Add a keyword 3d to your query and YouTube will only show the 3D content. Syntax: avatar,3d
  • If you want to find the videos that are embedded in the playlist or you want to find multiple related videos of the same genre, e.g. all the old spice commercials of your favorite band. Or you can also copy the playlist to your own account. Follow the syntax as given here: band name, playlist
  • IF you want to find the longest video on youtube or lengthy videos then you have to add a long keyword with your search query. Alternatively, you can also search for short videos on YouTube. Follow the syntax to get the lengthy videos: cartoon videos, long or cartoon videos, short for lengthy and short videos respectively.
  • Like, google footprints YouTube also offers the exact match searches for your queries. This can happen when the particular video is not available in your country then you can try this command. Follow the Google Dorks syntax such as: allintitle:” google search engine”.
  • IF you want to search the mix and match YouTube search operators then you can search for the multiple search operators with commas and apply them to your query. Much like the Boolean and operator. The above example will help us to find all the videos of the national geographic that have been ever uploaded on YouTube by the National Geographic channel and other associated channels. Follow the syntax as given here: national geographic, HD, this week, short.

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So now we have learned the use of YouTube operators and the YouTube Advanced Search operators like the longest video on youtube. If you are looking for such types of websites then these websites offer a good deal for you.

In case of any problem just comment in the comment section below and you will be guided by our experts on the same. Do comment your valuable suggestion to us so that we can improve this guide further and provide you with more of these kinds of tips and tricks.

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